Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nissan X Trail Power Steering Rack

NISSAN Owners Suffering From Annoying Power Steering Leaks / Stiffness Problems. Here's the solution TRADES BEST KEPT SECRET ! LUCAS POWER STEERING STOP LEAK 946 ml. SAVE ££££100's ON EXPENSIVE GARAGE BILLS !!!! NO NEED FOR A CHANGE OF STEERING RACK OR COSTLY REPAIRS. THE SINGLE BOTTLE SOLUTION TO HELP ACHIEVE THE FOLLOWING : STOPS FLUID LEAKS, CURES STIFF TIGHT STEERING, ELIMINATES NOISE. This is a large 946ml bottle. Up to 50% is sufficient to treat small leaks. In more severe cases the complete rack should be drained and completely replaced with the full bottle. Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak coats all parts with a polymetric film, which helps your steering rack operate smoothly by reducing friction on moving parts at the same time as eliminating fluid leaks. Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak is compatible with all types of mineral, semi synthetic and fully synthetic fluids. Please Note: Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak will be ineffective should the leak be from a part of the system (i.e. a union or pipe etc) where there is no seal.

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